While sculpting stone, I work completely differently than when I work in clay. Stone refuses to be rushed. It refuses to be abused. It refuses to do anything against it's nature. Stone must be coaxed into the shape the artist sees and sometimes the stone has better ideas than the artist. The gentle curves of my stone sculptures come from my love of river rocks and my natural body movemenet while sculpting. I feel as though I am dancing with the stone as I coax smooth curves and gentle lines into natures images.

'Of the Wind' is created from an amazing slab of recycled limestone, recovered from one of Dallas' remodeled buildings. It's carving texture was amazing. The stone was scared from the construction techniques in it's previous life. Gently I coaxed the scars into smooth curves. There was one scar that was simply too invasive to smooth. Hiding under the right wing the stone's past life shows with a circular scar. I was very excited to give new life to this old piece of Dallas history!