Living an Artistic Lifestyle

Kat Warwick always lives artistically!

Hold onto Love.

When you choose Love you invite joy, friendship, acceptance, openness, laughter, and fulfillment into your life. You invite into your life everything that will help you create the life you want to live. When you hold onto Love there is no room for Fear.

Let go of fear.

When you let go of fear, you let go of hate, jealousy, anger, failure, prejudice, negativity, unhealthy excess, and everything else that keeps you from living the life that is meant for you to enjoy. When you let go of Fear there is more room for Love.

Explore new things.

Look at things
            Differently… upside down, sideways, inside out,
            Through… a magnifying glass, someone else's eyes, rose colored glasses, water
            Via… moonlight, flashlight, firelight, timelapse,
Move to a different rythmn, someone else's beat,
            Dance, crawl, roll, limp,
Touch with different skin. See with different eyes. Hear with different ears. Feel with a different heart. Learn from this. Create from this.

Unimaginable Possibilities.

If you know you cannot fail, what would you do today… tomorrow…
Some say: "I failed" and give up.
Some say: "I have not achieved my goal yet, and the journey is amazing."
Some say: "I choose to change my goal and move toward something more fulfilling."
Some say: "Today someone else's goal is more important than mine so I will help them."
Some say: "I did not accomplish my goal yet, however I learned what I needed to in order to take the next step towards that goal."