Creating a bronze is a bit of a journey.

The joy is multifaceted and includes the satisfaction of creating employment for others. Imagine that... creating a sculpture creates employment for others. How magical!

Bronze is permanence. The bronze sculptures created today will show humanity, 2000 years from now, how we experienced life. I have chosen to show how we endure our trials and tribulations, how we recover from our struggles, how we survive, and ultimately thrive. All of us living in a world full of hope, love, and strength.

Stage One: Creation of the Original Sculpture

  1. Idea Sketches
  2. Research Details
  3. Develop Timeline
  4. Material Selection
  5. Hire Model
  6. Set Model's Pose
  7. Photograph Pose
  8. Take Model's Measurements While in Pose
  9. Structural Engineer the Pose
  10. Hours Creating
  11. Hours Looking/Seeing
  12. Abandon and Reset Timeline
  13. Hours Recreating
  14. Hours Detailing
  15. Abandon and Reset Timeline
  16. Select & Hire Professionals for Stage Two
  17. Select Patina, Base Material, Edition Size

Stage Two: Trust the Professionals To

  1. Make Mold
  2. Create Wax Model
  3. Cut into manageable sections
  4. Engineer channels for molten bronze to flow
  5. Coat inside and out in Slurry Shell
  6. Melt out wax
  7. Pour in Molten Bronze
  8. Chisel off Slurry Shell
  9. Sandblast rough bronze
  10. Weld sections together
  11. Erase welded seams (yes it's magic)
  12. Polish
  13. Patina
  14. Polish
  15. Mount on Base

Stage Three: Present the Work to the Public

  1. Document work with photos, measurements and history
  2. Calculate show budget
  3. Call friends for help
  4. Set Date (with fingers crossed)
  5. Produce promotional materials
  6. Post Photos on all social media
  7. Research and contract venues for show
  8. Blast Social Media with Event
  9. Invite all associates, friends, family, gallery owners, and new acquaintances
  10. Research and hire DJ, musicians, caterer, photographer
  11. Design lighting and placement of sculptures
  12. Accept the challenge when venue, pros, and timeline falls through
  13. Negotiate/write/sign contracts
  14. Collect pedestals, table clothes, lighting.
  15. Set up Show
  16. Allow the event to unfold
  17. Pray for sales
  18. Have a blast!