Kat Warwick

My name is Kat Warwick and I am an artist. I draw, paint, design, dance – dance is an art form, and sculpt.

While I have always 'done art', it has only been the past few years that sculpting has taken over my life. The literal definition of sculpting is: "To shape, mold or fashion especially with artistry or precision." I am sculpting my life this same way! Current projects are in Terra Cotta and Bronze, and past pieces* include a Stone series of the animal kingdom.

There are currently five Galleries interested in representing my sculptures, one of which is considering a series of five different bronze jazz musicians.

It is with the unwavering support (emotional, intellectual, and financial) of my husband Jerry, my family, and friends that I am making this journey. For though I am the one creating the art, they are the foundation that makes it possible.

Jerry and Kat Warwick

Jerry and I have also been competitive dancer partners and instructors in Blues, Lindy Hop and East Coast Swing dance styles for many years. While we no longer compete, we continue to teach avid dancers of all ages. With Jerry's gregarious personality and love of music, he is also a DJ and MC for various dances and special events, including weddings, private parties, and corporate outings.

The Art Life Way is my business name for a reason; this artistic path is a journey, a way of life. It is full of joy, trust, friendship and creativity. It is amazing and wonderful, and I invite you to share this art life journey with me.

*Donations of many previously created works, in various mediums, have gone to non-profits such as the Boy Scouts of America, and The Dallas Swing Dance Society for their fundraising efforts.