The Art Life Way

The Art Life Way is an intrinsic way of living! Incorporating both the creation- and use of original artwork in our everyday lives, is a natural choice. When we purchase, create, and display original art in our home, office or public space, we are connecting with our basic human need to be creative within our surroundings.

Our modern life offers us millions of options – almost all at the touch of a few keystrokes. It is only by our personal decision to slow down, to create something, to speak to an artist and invest in her or his creations, to embrace original art in all it's many forms... that is what brings us closer to our own humanity. 

Terra Cotta

The Terra Cotta Pieces

When you look at Kat's gesture studies of the human form, take a moment to realize the goal of the artist is to capture our humanity. Modern technology can make an exact copy of the human form, but it cannot capture the life force within. Kat's gesture studies reveal our true humanity.

Stone Sculptures

The Stone Sculptures

Kat's stone sculptures reflect the graceful movements of the animal kingdom. These sculptures have clean lines and smooth curves reminiscent of time worn river rocks. Throughout the day, experience how the sunlight dances across the surface creating an ever changing pattern of light and shadow.

The Bronzes

The Bronzes

Bronze is permanence. The bronze sculptures created today will show humanity, 2000 years from now, how we experienced life. I have chosen to show how we endure our trials and tribulations, how we recover from our struggles, how we survive, and ultimately thrive. All of us living in a world full of hope, love and strength.